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Safeway Pharmacy is pleased to provide a variety of MEDHealth™ Days to your corporation for employees on site. Our programs save time and help maintain a high level of employee health.

On-Site Influenza Vaccination

Each fall we are pleased to provide an on-site influenza vaccination program for flu prevention. This on-site service saves time for employees and helps prevent sick days due to the flu.

The flu affects 10 – 25% of Canadians each year and is especially important for adults over 50, and adults with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Regardless of age, a yearly flu shot is recommended for almost everyone.

Healthy Measures™

This program is designed to encourage employees to understand and identify major health risks.

Healthy Measures™ tests include body mass (BMI), blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol.

With this knowledge we will work with employees to engage in healthy behaviours to help lower these risks.

Please contact the Health Care Consultant nearest you (listed below) for a complete, customized proposal.

We look forward to working with you!

Contact a Safeway Health Care Consultant to Book your Corporate MEDHealth™ Days

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan & Manitoba/Northern Ontario

Fiona Maclean

(204) 294-7502

Central and Southern Ontario

Jackie Loates

(416) 948-4039

Nova Scotia

Fran Eldershaw

(902) 478-9130


Southern Alberta

Jennifer Halfyard

(403) 829-7848

Northern Alberta

Caralee Robinson

(587) 334-4744

British Columbia


Sarvjit Dhami

(604) 340-7963

Health Seminars

Our pharmacists are available to present on health related topics such as:

  • chronic health condition prevention and management
  • smoking cessation
  • depression
  • stress
  • many more, also customizable to meet your needs
Health Education

We offer a wide variety of health education screening programs such as:

  • Healthy Measures™
  • high blood pressure
  • blood glucose
  • risk of bone fracture
  • cholesterol
  • and many more, adaptable to your unique needs

These offerings range from 4 to 8 hour events to multi day health fairs. We provide program planning and execution from start to finish. All programs are customized to meet your budget and size needs.


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