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We've partnered with Infarm to bring you fresh herbs & greens. Infarm is growing a network of urban farms that are closer to our communities and kinder to our environment. Each modular farming unit at select Safeway stores is a local ecosystem that creates the ideal environment required for fresh greens and herbs to flourish. Infarm vertical farms provide plants with ideal conditions to thrive while using zero added chemical pesticides and 95% less water. Enjoy Canadian-grown peak-season flavour 365 days a year.
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Add a distinctive taste to your pastas and curries.


Provides a flavorful crunch to any salad or sandwich.


A great balance of earthy flavor and striking tones.

Leafy Greens

Try something new by incorporating distinct tastes.

Product availability may vary by store.

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Fresh herbs can elevate meals to fragrant and flavourful new heights.

7 quick ways to use your Infarm fresh herbs

  1. Flavour ice cubes: Herbs like mint, thyme, rosemary and basil are great as tasty freezer staples.
  2. Add to salads: Typically relegated to garnish territory, parsley, chives, and cilantro can be so much more!
  3. Dress up desserts: Showcase the best the seasons have to offer with fresh herbs and bold flavours.
  4. Mix into chilled drinks: Elevate your fruit based cocktails with a touch of rosemary.
  5. Make an herbal tea: For a simple herbal tea, steep fresh mint leaves in hot water and enjoy.
  6. Boost marinades: Rosemary and mint pair well with meats like lamb and pork, while dill and fish are a good match.
  7. Power up pestos: If you've got leftover herbs, cheese ends and nuts, you've got homemade pesto.


At Safeway, we want to do OurPartTM for future generations by bringing you sustainable innovation. Infarm is good for you and good for the planet; grown using 95% less water and free of chemical pesticides.


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