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The poinsettia is a bright and cheerful addition to your home during the holiday season. Whether you buy or receive this vibrant plant as a gift, you're going to want to know how to care for it and extend its life through the season and beyond. Here are a few key tips from the experts in the Safeway Floral Dept.

1. Sunlight

Avoid pacing your poinsettia in full sun, it doesn't need it, and it can burn or damage the leaves. Find a spot with indirect sunlight and watch it flourish!

2. Water

Keep the soil moist without letting it get waterlogged. If your pot is wrapped in decorative foil, be careful not to let the plant sit trapped in standing water; punch holes in the bottom to allow for easy draining. Tip: Smaller pots will dry out more quickly than large ones, so keep this in mind as you consider when to water your poinsettia.

3. Leaf Loss

Avoid placing a poinsettia near drafts and avoid exposure to excess heat or dry air from appliances, fireplaces, or heating ducts. Sudden changes in temperature or cold rooms can cause them to drop their leaves. Tip: When bringing your poinsettia home, protect it from the cold, or keep the time outside as minimal as possible to prevent shock to the plant.

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