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Proudly supporting women-owned business across Western Canada

We're committed to making diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything we do. Our local supplier program is a natural extension of this journey towards building an inclusive culture. By supporting women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses, we are bringing greater diversity to our stores, our customers and in helping support the communities we serve. Here are some of those women entrepreneurs whose businesses we proudly support in select stores across the country. Check your local store for a selection of products from women-owned businesses.

International Women's Day

Support women entrepreneurs!

British Columbia

Ryley Humphry, Laid Back Snacks

Kirsten Brolin from Bee Kind Honey Infusions

Born and raised in BC, farming has been a passion for Kirsten Brolin from a young age. When tragedy struck in 2012, it set her and her family on a new path; Bee Kind Honey Infusions was born that same year. With a focus on local, quality and whole ingredients, they now run a few hundred colonies throughout Langley, Surrey and Aldergrove. And Kirsten's dream of returning to farm life has become reality – filled with bees, chickens, goats and horses.

Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman from Chiwis

Sarah Goodman is a nutritionist and lover of snacks, with her company Chiwis, she brings the two together in 100% natural fruit chips. They have no added sugar, are vegan, non-GMO, nut- and gluten-free; they're also made from upcycled fruit (including whole fruit, rind and skin), offering all the goodness of fruit, while reducing food waste and being environmentally conscious.

Amber Seel

Amber Seel from True Taste Waffles

Fuelled by her own personal health journey, Amber left the corporate world to become a holistic nutritionist, and founded True Taste Café waffles. In just a few years, her homemade food cart selling waffle sandwiches at farmers markets was sold, and she moved into full waffle production. True Taste Café waffles are ready-made, 1-in.-thick Belgian waffles free from gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy and nuts, available in grocery stores across BC.

Kara Sam, founder of Bucha Brew

Kara Sam from Bucha Brew

After having her first of two sons, Kara was searching for a new beverage to satisfy her thirst. She discovered Kombucha on a family trip to Maui, and couldn’t find an equivalent upon her return home to B.C. So, she started brewing kombucha at home – and quickly scaled Bucha Brew in becoming the biggest western Canadian brand on the market! Their drinks are meant to help you rejuvenate, elevate, and thrive!

Jill Forster, founder of Chaser's Fresh Juice

Jill Forster from Chaser’s Fresh Juice

Cold-pressed Chaser’s Fresh Juices are made with 100% natural ingredients, and are cold pasteurized without heat to extend their shelf life while maintaining their nutritional benefit, and deliver pure goodness and pure flavour in every sip. Jill and her family grew Chaser’s from a small Yaletown juice shop to one of the largest cold-pressed juice manufacturers in B.C. in just under 9 years! As such, Jill encourages any women to venture into entrepreneurship at any stage of life. “We’re all multitaskers capable of big things,” she says.

Ryley Humphry, Laid Back Snacks

Ryley Humphry from Laid Back Snacks

Family-owned, woman-led, and woman-operated, B.C.-based, Laid Back Snacks believes in the 80/20 rule of snacking: 80% wholesome goodness, 20% live a little. They’re also a company with a conscience: For every box of snacks sold, they donate a snack to a child in need through a partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada.

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