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very easy
Makes two drinks


3 oz
white rum (divided equally into two jiggers)
90 mL
2 oz
fresh lime juice (divided equally)
60 mL
2 oz
tart cherry juice (red in colour, not dark)  
60 mL
3 large
ripe strawberries
1 oz
coconut milk 
30 mL
1 oz
heavy cream
30 mL
2 tablespoons
pineapple coconut ice cream (or sorbet)
30 mL
ice cubes
grilled pineapple spears (for garnish)
cocktail cherries (for garnish)


Step 1

Since you have to make two cocktails at almost the exact same time, it’s important to prep all your ingredients before you start to blend—starting with grilling the pineapple spears.

Step 2

Add half the rum (1 ½ oz), half the lime juice (1 oz), all of the cherry juice, three strawberries and half the ice (five cubes) to a blender and blend on medium or until it’s a smooth, even consistency (but not liquified).

Step 3

Pour into two tall Hurricane glasses until half full.

Step 4

Rinse the blender well. Next, combine the remaining rum, lime juice and ice with coconut milk, cream and ice cream. Carefully pour into two glasses so that the Colada is layered on top of the Cherry Daiquiri.

Step 5

Garnish with two grilled pineapple spears and cocktail cherries on a pick.


Zero-proof it: Swap out the rum in both drinks and replace with an extra ounce of the lime and cherry for the Daiquiri and an extra ounce of pineapple juice in the Colada. 

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